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Legality and ELT management


Waiting for effective actions from the institutions, the whole tire supply chain is forming an alliance to counter the excessive dumping of ELTs, striking all illegal practices that are the direct cause of it.

Guido Gambassi

The tire supply chain “sharpens” its weapons to fight illegality and unfair competition, and launched, in June 2016,, a wistleblower platform posted online by the Observatory on Illegal tires and ELT flows in Italy,  supported by Legambiente, Ecopneus, Confartigianato, AIRP and Federpneus, to which EcoTyre, Greentire and CNA were soon added. Within a year the Observatory issued the first result, a novelty for the national panorama: "CambioPulito" is the first whistle-blowing platform in Italy for private and anonymous reporting of irregularities and downright fraudulent activities  - ranging from irregular imports and “black market sales” to evading environmental contributions on ELTs - throughout the whole supply chain, which  represents over 50,000 companies around the country. ANAC itself, the National Anticorruption Authority highly recommended the use of this instrument at both national and international level, to protect that healthy and honest part of the economy represented by the majority of the industry’s players.

The platform's objective is to report and discourage illegal practices responsible for creating large ELT surpluses traditionally found at the end of the year. In fact, around 32 million tires are sold each year in Italy, largely responsible for the creation of 350,000 tones of End-of-Life tires, 85% of which is handled by the three consortia involved in the project through a non-profit system funded with the environmental contribution paid by motorists. Nevertheless, illegal practices are jeopardizing their proper functioning, with the repeated risks of abandonment, unmanageable stockpiles of ELTs in many of the operator’s premises (garages, gas stations, tire shops) and the lack of economic coverage of the national system: estimated at about 20/30 thousand tons of tires illegally placed on the aftermarket generating an annual 12 million Euro shortfall in environmental contribution, an estimated VAT evasion of 80 million Euro, not to mention costs linked to cleaning up the huge illegal landfills.

Officially launched at a press conference in Rome, Cambiopulito was illustrated  by industry professionals at Autopromotec. The platform, managed by Legambiente, can be accessed  by companies that carry out services on behalf of consortia such as Ecopneus, EcoTyre and Greentire, AIRP and Federpneus partners and aftermarket operators members of Confartigianato and CNA. Through an access password each operator can, anonymously and safely, report witnessing an illegal or fraudulent act. The system makes it possible to follow up each report, with Legambiente taking charge of the procedure filtering, classifying and evaluating the reliability of the reports, requiring, if needed, additional information and clarifications and eventually reporting the illegal practice to law enforcement agencies. 

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