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First there was the 7 and then the 5 and now the smallest Audi in the Q series has arrived. SUV dimensions and equipment worthy of respect, technical solutions shared with its big sisters but also some that are exclusively hers. Powerful turbo engines and even optional two-wheel drive.


A name that conjures up a past legend. The heart of a sporty car within everyone's reach in the new compact from Alfa Romeo. Giulietta comes with diesel and petrol engines, all turbocharged, 105 to 235 HP supported on wheels from 16 to 18 inches.

True to itself

The small car from the Land of the Rising Sun has rediscovered the dynamic soul that made its history. The restyling of the third generation Swift actually hides much more and confirms the quality of a project that has captivated the young and not so young. Diesel, petrol and also four-wheel drive.

Character and Distinction

It’s not the latest new arrival, but a city car that has been on our roads for years. Personal, dynamic and versatile, the Ford Ka has repeated the success of the previous series, even if it is hiding a platform shared with the Fiat 500

The rationalization of the mid-size saloon 2 2011

Created for America, but still very dear to the Old Continent, the German saloon has been renewed. It is bigger and competent turbo engines make it a balanced choice for today's mobility needs, with low impact on the environment thanks to BlueMotion Technology.