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Thanks to a redesigned front end, which loses the previous  air intake on the bonnet, the Levorg reveals at first glance  the adoption of the 2-litre naturally aspirated engine chosen to replace the previous 1.6 turbocharged.

Four-Wheel Drive For The Whole family

As a true four-wheel drive specialist, Subaru offers “family-size” comfort and performance with the new Levorg.

Nissan with a capital Z

Whether spider or coupe, the gutsy 370Z opens up Nissan Motorsport’s to the world, thanks to a special Nismo version, the synthesis of a long sporting tradition.

Dynastic succession

Now in its tenth generation, the Honda Civic, a true cornerstone for the Japanese factory, comes completely renewed with four and five doors and new turbocharged engines both petrol and diesel.

A great little city car

Small, roomy, versatile and attractive, thanks to a design that pays attention to detail and a double, petrol and diesel engine layout. Perfect for a day trip or the occasional weekend away, the little Ford comes also in a crossover version, the Active.


Diesel, petrol and even hybrid, not to mention modern electronic devices and software, Kia’s Optima winks at professionals and fleets without neglecting normal daily use.

Smart mobility

The future of mobility, according to Nissan, does not necessarily have to rely on a vehicle, but on an entire social project named Nissan Intelligent Mobility. From the very start – back in 2010 when the electric Leaf was first launched - it was quite clear that expectations related to a broader spectrum of issues, able to influence the course of time.

Multi utility family size

A well-targeted strategy has, since the word go, allowed Dacia to place a multi-purpose vehicle on the market at the same price of a city car, reducing the level of equipment and finishes without negatively affecting its reliability.

Small but stylish

Thanks to its triple identity, Aygo ranks among the most widely appreciated city cars, with a three-cylinder petrol engines as the only option and only one, rather functional, tire size.

Jaguar attack

Two seats, aluminium body and an exuberant V8 Turbo for a truly exclusive British icon, which still manages to be affordable in its four cylinder entry level.

Family sport utility

The Kadjar, Renault’s new mid-range proposal in the Sport Utility segment, borrows a number of modern solutions from its Japanese cousin, Nissan’s Qashqai.