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Long range electric driving

Two levels of power and decent mileage (450 kilometres) for the Korean crossover ready to take on the EV market. High-capacity batteries and snappy engines characterize this urban crossover

EU bans ICE cars from 2035, 6.2% of GDP at risk

In a little less than 15 years it will be practically impossible to buy a new ICE car, and it will make no difference if it is a hybrid version. With this decision the European Union wants to permanently stop the sale of millions of cars in Europe

Beyond all ages

After 45 years Ford revamps the iconic Fiesta now in its seventh generation. Wide range of tailor-made solutions and a choice of engines with powers ranging between 70 and 200 HP, with 15 to 18inch steel or alloy wheels.

Japanese symmetry

Renewed in its contents but not in its philosophy, the last generation of the Impreza maintains the famous characteristics of Subaru, permanent four-wheel drive and boxer engine, for the first time also in hybrid version.

Luxury and performance

Gritty and exclusive, the LC showcases dynamic elegance according to Lexus. Coupé or spider, 2+2 seats and powerful V-engines, also in hybrid version.

A supercar from the “Land of the rising sun”

Thirty years after throwing down the gauntlet to European supercars, Honda’s sports car gets a makeover, maintaining the highest standards of driving pleasure.

Not just a crossover

Toyota's extensive range expands with the new C-HR, revamped after four years with the model year 2020, which redefines the parameters of its category. New engine and full hybrid option across the range.

To each his own

With sales totalling over one million since 2008, the year of its first appearance on the European market, the Kuga quickly established itself as one of the most successful models in the Blue Oval range, behind Ford’s Fiesta and Focus, and by far the most popular sport utility vehicle among Ford customers.

With its distinctly sporty silhouette, with broad front air intakes and side diffuser, a wide trunk and brawny look, Kia Stinger is a ”sui generis” four-doors considering its brand

Aspiring coupé

A car destined for those who want more than a traditional hatchback saloon, opting for a four-door coupe with GT ambitions. High-performance diesel and petrol engines in 4WD or rear-wheel drive options.

Volvo’s compact Suv thinks big

Although being the smallest in Volvo's SUV range with its 4.42 metres, the XC40 offers all the technology and driving assistance commonly found in Swedish mid-size and flagship cars, whether ICE, hybrid or full electric, with or without 4-wheel drive.