Federpneus 2021 professional training courses

After the long stop due to the health emergency, the professional training courses reserved to Federpneus members resumed in September 2021. Participants had the opportunity to learn, deepen and improve their knowledge on tire repair procedures for cars and industrial vehicles as well as Adas systems. The courses, divided by topics, involved about one hundred professionals, including independent operators and those belonging to the Driver, Euromaster, SuperService and Super Truck Consortium networks (the latter through Prometeon).


Certified Tire Repairs

During the training courses scheduled on September 14, 15 and 16, participants were trained for 8 hours each on the topic of certified tire repair for passenger car, SUV, 4x4 and light truck tires. The lessons were divided, for each day, into two sessions. During the three hours of theory, Paolo Giomaro of Lmv Commerciale and Gabriele Lazzarini, coordinator of the Federpneus Technical Commission, explained the general rules of civil responsibility of the car repairer and Etrto indications and recommendations, besides indicating the chemical principles of rubber and vulcanization. During the practical session, the students, inside the Federpneus workshop, learned how to inspect a tire, assess the correct damage, evaluate the limits of reparability, and use the right technique to repair a tire.


Getting to know industrial vehicles

Axles and industrial vehicle tires were the subject of the course held on 23 September by Cristiano Pesci of Pesci Attrezzature and Gabriele Lazzarini, coordinator of the Federpneus Technical Commission. During the theory session, participants deepened their knowledge of the structure of an industrial vehicle. In particular, the differences between the various types of equipment and axles depending on the field of use, the main problems on towed vehicles, common issues on steering axles and drive axles, double steering axles and double drive axles. In addition, the types of operations to be carried out on axles and the type of equipment to be used to solve the respective problems were explained. During the practical part, the students carried out a complete diagnosis of the vehicle by measuring: toe-in, camber, wheel and steering box alignment, steering divergence, incidence, maximum steering as well as other vital parameters and how to correctly fix any anomaly found.


Adas and diagnostic equipment available on the market

Modern vehicles boast technologies that require qualified skills and innovative tools for proper maintenance. Hence, Federpneus in collaboration with Hella Gutmann, the diagnostic division of the Hella Group, organized a course on 28 September on the operation and maintenance of Adas systems. During the day, Stefano Vitelli of Hella Gutmann and Gabriele Lazzarini, coordinator of the Federpneus Technical Commission, explained to the participants the Adas systems, the types and methods of calibration, trouble-shooting procedures, and the reference standards.